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Woopers Adventure

Adventure Games

Woopers Adventure is an adventure game. The aim of this game is quite simple and acts like most puzzle-plat formers. Get the key to open the door to get to the next level. Don’t touch any enemies, or else, you will die. There are cut scenes and boss fights throughout for you to enjoy, even if the plot is thinner than clover field’s. You can press the Left or Right arrow key to move left or right, press Up arrow key to jump, or enter the door, press Down arrow key to T-bag. There are several types of power-ups in this game. There is the key that will open the door to the next level. There is the explosion that will break or create blocks somewhere on the stage, altering the level, and the cherry that fully replenishes your health back to 5. There are 3 different small bonuses aside from the main adventure, so try to find them!! Hope you enjoy this, and good luck!!

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