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Worldcup Bomberman

Classic Games

The World Cup is missing! Someone has stolen the World Cup! The international competition is going to kick off, but the symbol of the highest honor is missing! As the mascot of the game, you need to get back the World Cup! Worldcup Bomberman is a skill game on in which you have to beat those unkind thieves and get back the World Cup. You and your enemies are all in a maze. You need to bomb out barriers to get to wanted positions, and the blast will also kill your foes if they are within the destructive area. You first place the football as your bomb at some place, and then run quickly to the position which is out of the destructive area before your football bombs. During the bombing, pick up bonuses by passing them. Don’t hurt yourself in the explosion—that will cost you one life. The World Cup is waiting for you! Good luck!

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