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WPN Fire

Adventure Games

WPN Fire is a fighting game on in which you will fight with the enemies and adventure a lot. Before the game starts, there are mainly 3 modes for you to choose, namely adventure mode, survival mode and destruction mode. You can choose one of them and start the game. In adventure mode you should find your way to the end of each level, destroying anything that gets in your way. You should pick up more powerful weapons along the way to help you kill more powerful enemies to win points. While in survival modes, you should survive each wave of enemies for as long as you can. Enemies spawn one by one near the right or left edges of the level. Harder enemies will start appearing at higher stages. In destruction modes, you should defend all then of your blocks against wave after wave of enemies for as long as you can. You should use explosive carefully, or you might damage the blocks you are defending. There is a fifty-fifty chance of an enemy spawning on either side of your base, so you should be careful not to run out to one side too far, or you may not be able to get back to the other side in time to defend the opposite outside block. You can press A/D to move left/right. If you want to jump, press W. You can press S to couch. You can choose a mode as you like and start the game.

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