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WSU Warrior

Classic Games

WSU Warrior is a classic game on in which you will help Warrior to get the statues back together. A group of robotic ninjas from space have fuel use up, they crash-landed near a campus. They try to move the university’s statues away without nobody is notice and used as their fuel. And Warrior is the only one who knows the truth. Press the arrow keys to move around. Avoid contact with the aliens. Advance to the next level by eating up all dots. If you get the power ups, you can hit the aliens. When powered up, a bar will appear on the right side of the upper screen. The bar will short in time, so don’t waste time. In addition, if you want to restart a level, press the button located on the left bottom part of the screen. Are you ready? Let’s start it!

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Warriors And Archers is a fighting game. Press direction keys to walk. You can use your mouse or Enter keys to attack. Attack types occur randomly to note. Press P to pause. You can also walk with WASD arrow keys. Use space bar or Y to attack. Your opponents will try to attack you. Attack them from behind before they see you. Visit to enjoy this free game! Good luck!

Ants Warriors

Ants Warriors is a miscellaneous game presented by Your goal is to seize all enemy buildings. Click at one building and drag to another one and release to increase your troops. To seize them requires the strong power of your defenders. You are also supposed to seize enemy buildings and take over all the golden mines so that you have money to upgrade yourself for better skills and equipment. Good luck!

Age Of Warriors Viking Campaign

Come to to play this adventure game: Age Of Warriors Viking Campaign. Your mission is to control the vikings to defeat the Romans. You need gold to buy warriors. So, first click at miner to dig gold and then click at warrior to defense. Click at the heal button and then click at characters to heal them. The more warriors you have, the easier for you to win. The game lasts 3 minutes. Wish you a victory!

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Have you ever heard about Fua Mulan, a nice and beautiful Chinese girl who took her place in the army? She is like two girls in one person: beautiful and gentle like a princess but brave and powerful like a warrior!

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Zombie Warrior Man is in the hospital. In this game zombie warrior does not like hospitals. Doctors make him very mad. Help him to escape, and teach his captors not to mess with zombies. Use the left and right arrow keys to walk. Press space bar to chainsaw your way through the level. Hold it to cut through bigger stuff. This action game is provided by All games here are free!

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