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X 227

Shooting Games

X227 is a shooting game on in which you shoot enemies by using various guns. There are many levels in this game. The playing area may be a basement, a tower or other buildings. You can own different weapons, like Colt (M4A1), Desert Eagle or Mac10, to kill terrorists that wear blue or red clothing. In different level, you will be given different guns. Move your mouse to control the front sight of your weapon. Press the left button of mouse to fire. The terrorists will come out from diverse directions and boxes, so you shall try to kill them as soon as possible, or you will be shot and lose the game. Energetic music is played in the process. And computer will give you some orders or indications so that you can feel you are in a real gun-shooting situation, such as “enemy spotted”, “Roger that”, “Fire in the hole” and the similar. Experience a real shooting and killing here at once.

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