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Xtreme Motor

Bike Games

Welcome to Xtreme Motor! There are more than twenty levels with miscellaneous terrain on which hides certain amount of photos for you to collect. Use UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS to accelerate and brake. LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to lean back and forth. SPACEBAR is to change direction. Lean Back to get up steep hills. Xtreme Motor is a Skill game, available on, ride your motor and challenge your skill steer on the humpy road as well.

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Motorun is a sport game provided by In the game, your objective is to drive at the fastest speed and surpass all your opponents to be the first one to the final line. Press left and right keys or A/D to control the direction, and up and down keys or W/S to control the speed. Long hold the up key or W to keep accelerating. If you run into other things, your speed will decrease. Now, time to run!

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