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Yahtzee is a casino game on This game is based on the popular five dice Milton Bradley game. The object is to roll the five dice and choose the hand category the will yield you the most points. Each of the thirteen, possible hands can only be used once. The game is over when all thirteen categories have been used. Press Reset to play a new game. Press the roll button to roll the dice. Press hold buttons to hold a die, you can roll up to three times. At any time, you can press a category button, and the display will show the point value for the current hand. As for the points values, three of a kind equals the sum of all five dice. Four of a kind equals the sum of all five dice. Full house equals 25 points. Small straight equals 30 points. Large straight equals 40 points. Chance equals the sum of all five dice… Do you want to enjoy it? Join now.

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