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Yoda Sperm


Yoda Sperm is an arcade game on in which you help the cell to shun from the obstacles, use the arrow keys to avoid enemies, and use the 1,2and3 keys to active power up. Press 1-key can diminish the area of the cell and make it harder to be dashed, press 2-key can encircle a red protective layer around it, but it won’t keep a long time, press 3-key you will see a blue protective layer around the cell, it’s the most effectual protective layer among them. There are four different enemies, the random bacteria, sticky bacteria, white blood cells and lost condoms, you can use the power up to make the trip easier, you can shrink, make an explosion or hold an electric shield, but watch the energy meter, when you run out your energy, the game is over, good luck!

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