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Youda Farmer

Skill Games

In Youda Farmer, you are a farmer and have a huge farm. At first you have only flour can be producted and then you can pack them into the crate and later bring them to the village to deliver them to the local stores. After you earn some money, you can upgrade your farm with for example pig stable to product pork and meat and dairy farm to produce milk everyday and of course the chicken coop to get egg. When the production is ready, drag it into the crate before the then order disappeared. Pick up 3 more same packs by dragging them into the crates when they are ready. Then finish the orders by clicking the order cards. And there are miscellaneous products in the farm that can provide. Flour, eggs, pork, milk, tomatoes, potatoes, fish, apples, woolen and wine. They can be upgrade by the farm in order to vary the farm. This action game is on Have fun!

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