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Adventure Games

Zed is an android. But unlike other androids, he has always had a very special dream—to sport a space suit entirely made of gold! Would you like to help him? Zed is a skill game on in which your mission is to guide Zed through ten particularly vicious levels and collect enough gold pieces to fulfill his dream. Your quest begins in the gold mines, deep down in the underworld. Collect good things such as golden balls, gems. Avoid bad stuff such fire and monsters. Three gold pieces unlock a golden door. Good luck!

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Dead Zed 2

In the shooting game Dead Zed 2, your task is to kill all the zombies. Aim with the mouse and left click to shoot. Press Q to swap weapons and R to reload. Keys 123 are for detonating remote bombs and F is for switching firing modes. Press the space bar to enter rage mode. Headshot kills zombies the most fast and earns you the highest score. Items on the top of the screen tell you the status. Play free games on!

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