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Zelda Lampshade

Adventure Games

Zelda Lampshade is an arcade game on in which you will help a young boy put the mystical lampshade to the temple of light to the north. Once the game starts, you are located in desert. Walk into the door in front of you by using the arrow keys. After you have defeated down the monster you get the lamp. And climb to the ground. There is a small village. Here you will meet different kinds of characters. Some of them are link to the game, and some of them are not the plot person. In this situation, you need to talk to those people to listen to their demands. You can press the space bar to get information. Those demands are small missions in the game process. After you have finished each small mission, you can get the plot objects link to the next mission. In addition, you can walk around to find something that’s also a plot object after you have entered a room. Finished all small missions, you can enter the temple.

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