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Zidane Showdown

Sport Games

Zidane Showdown is a sport game on in which you will be a famous football athlete. In the classic 2006 World Cup finals between France and Italy, Materazzi provoked Zidane repeatedly. Zidane could not take anymore and rammed his head right into Materazzi′s chest. Zidane got a red card but he is still a great French hero whose 2 almost identical headers defeated Brazil in 1998. This is a tribute to the man, the French Phenom, Zinedine Zidane. You are Zidane in this game. And your teammate Buffon will throw golden balls at you. The number of balls he will throw in one level is indicated above (Balls Left). You need to knock them away before they hit you. Each hit you take will reduce your Zidane Bar. When it reaches zero, you loses. Each ball you knock away will give you points. The more difficult and impressive the move, the more points you get. The control Keys are: the ARROW Keys for movement, and the Z, X and C for action. Fellow French teammate Barthez will guide you through the moves.

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