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Zorbatron is an adventure game on in which you will have a chance to take a zorb for adventure. You will start your trip on grass. Use the keyboards keys to control your zorb. There might be some items on your way. Green item will decrease zorb speed. Red icon will increase your zorb speed. Blue logo will make you gain invincibility against obstacles. Collect these three items along the way to change the Zorb’s status. And you can also pick up sport cap, news cap and fun cap to gain bonus points. On your way for adventure, you will encounter castles, horse, barrier, car, tree, pig, fence, rock, windmill, or ball as obstacles. Try to avoid them at all times because hitting obstacles reduces health and will end your game quickly. On the basis of these rules, you shall endeavor to run as far as possible. The game will record your distance and your total score. Join now for your rank!

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